media Symonite specified for The Lady Cilento Children's Hospital

Given SymoniteHD’s strength, durability and attractive finish, it’s no surprise that it was chosen to form part of the facade for The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. Designed by Conrad Gargett in joint venture with Lyons, the hospital is the new hub of Queensland’s state-wide network of paediatric services. Commissioned by the State Government, this high profile project invested in the best quality materials. 

As the hospital was built to last, materials were chosen for their value over a life cycle. SymoniteHD, an Australian-made aluminium composite panel, was the obvious option. With a fibre reinforced phenolic resin core, SymoniteHD is a heavy duty, industrial strength panel. Not only does it provide superior impact resistance, but it offers unsurpassed rigidity and durability, making it the natural choice for a large-scale public institution.